Q&A with Chant4Change Founder, Gaura Vani

The founder and chief organizer of Chant4Change is world musician Gaura Vani. Growing up in ashrams across the globe, he absorbed the music of Hindu temples as a child, joyfully singing kirtan praise music in many languages. Throughout his travels, he has studied both modern and traditional instruments, including the guitar, organ, harmonium, bamboo flute,… Read More »

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Thank you so much for your willingness to support us as we come together in such a pivotal time of need. This event is incredibly important to us, and only through all of us working toward the same goal will we truly author the change we hope to see. One of the first things you… Read More »

Chant 4 Change announces October 8th artist lineup

One month before Election Day, Chant4Change presents a multicultural, multi-denominational festival of music and spirit at the Lincoln Memorial, between 12 pm and 10 pm on Oct. 8. The ten-hour event is dedicated to healing and uniting the nation through song, prayer and devotion. More than a dozen leading artists and thinkers will perform sacred… Read More »

Chant4Change brings call-and-response music to the Lincoln Memorial on Oct. 8 to heal and unite the nation.

During this time of political tension, when the noise of fear and division dominate social discourse, most people yearn for a better way forward. Meditative music and devotional yoga have inspired, mobilized, and healed people throughout history. One month before Election Day, on Oct. 8, 2016, a collection of musicians and inspirational speakers present Chant4Change,… Read More »